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Spotlight with Ziv Sinianski

Torii’s Employee Spotlight is dedicated to showcasing our team members who are helping us build the best SaaS management company ever! Read on to learn more about our team, their day to day and life at Torii.
This time we are spotlighting Ziv Sinianski, Software Engineer. Ziv is based in our Israel office and he joined Torii in June 2021.
Thank you Ziv for participating in our spotlight!
Ziv, tell us a bit about your career path before Torii. What did you do? What critical moments got you to where you are today?

This is actually my first software development job.

As far as I remember myself, I was always fascinated by technology and loved hearing about new inventions and features.

My parents met while they were both students at the Computer Science faculty at BGU. During my childhood, my father tried to teach me how to code several times, but with no success. In high school I chose to expand Biology and Chemistry, and after graduation I enrolled in the Kfir brigade where I served as a combat soldier and commander.

After my military service, I chose to follow my parents’ footsteps and signed up for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Ben-Gurion University.

That’s when I first encountered coding. I instantly fell in love with the whole field, learning how to get and use the power of code to solve real problems.

What do you do at Torii?

I work as a software developer for team Yuki. My day to day consists primarily of developing our back end using NodeJS and MySQL.

What are your teams’ main responsibilities?

We build integrations with third party applications, using their API’s. We then use this to get information about the users and general usage of the application.
My team is responsible for all the integrations: build, maintain  and add new capabilities, such as actions and fetching new data.

What brought you to Torii? How did it all start? 

As I was getting closer to graduating my B.Sc, I started looking  for a junior software development position. I found a job opportunity post on LinkedIn and applied to it . 

The product seemed interesting and I saw the potential for succeeding in the market.
I felt a connection with the people who interviewed me and that it would be a great place for me to learn new skills, technologies and also help and contribute to the product.

What do you think makes Torii unique?

I think the people are what make Torii unique. I've seen it from the first interview.
My coworkers are always willing to help in times of need, support one another and won't say no to a request for help.

This helped me a lot while onboarding onto my first software development job, where I had to learn about a lot of subjects, tools and the whole Torii system. Due to Covid19, the entire process was remote. 

Another thing that's unique here is the trust and the chance to contribute, for example: I love challenges and riddles. The last couple of months, Torii sponsored 2 of the largest professional conventions (NodeIL and ReactNext).
Prior the first one, Maayan, our Head of HR, approached me and asked if I had an idea to attract the crowd with a nice challenge since we love solving them at Torii. I came up with an idea to make coding challenges for our booth visitors to solve and get a chance to win a prize. It was a huge success and we got a lot of great reviews.

What advice can you offer someone looking for a role similar to yours?

My advice is to be proactive, show that you can add value and that you can contribute to the team\product.

If they are also looking for their first software development position, then I strongly recommend using sites like LeetCode to solve as many problems as you can. It will help you repeat the materials and master the syntax of your coding language, as well as boosting your confidence for interviews and learning new problem-solving skills.

How do you organize your day to stay productive?

Every morning my team conducts a daily meeting where we all share our progress and update on the tasks we're working on. I take notes on tasks I’m working on from my team leader and our product manager. I find it the most productive to write down on a sheet of paper my current and upcoming tasks and also my thoughts on how to implement and write my code before I get down to it.

3 things that people don't know about you
  1. My favorite dessert is ice cream and I am happy to eat it every day of the year.
  2. When I come across a problem I can’t solve yet, it haunts me until I find a solution.
  3. My favorite TV channel from childhood until now is Discovery channel.


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