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Spotlight with Rasha Awwad


Torii’s Employee Spotlight is dedicated to showcasing our team members who are helping us build the best SaaS management company ever! Read on to learn more about our team, their day to day and life at Torii.

This month, we’re spotlighting Rasha Awwad, People Experience Manager at Torii. Rasha joined Torii in February 2022.

Thank you Rasha for participating in our spotlight!


Rasha, tell us a bit about your career path before Torii. What did you do? What critical moments got you to where you are today?
Before coming to Torii, I have experience working with other scaling SaaS start-ups in the tech space. I actually ‘fell into’ HR and ended up loving it; I felt like I was being paid to be who I authentically am as well as do work that I really enjoyed.

Leading to Torii, I worked as a People Experience Manager, Business Partner, Recruiter, Office Manager, and led DEI initiatives at my previous companies.

Some critical moments that really built who I am today was having to really take ownership of my development as an HR professional. I didn’t go to school for it, so I joined a lot of HR organizations, worked with mentors, and always looking for the next best way to develop the managers and team I was working with. It taught me a lot about being your own champion as well as you can always learn and be a better version of yourself.

What do you do at Torii?
I work as the People Experience Manager for the North American region.

What are some things that you and your team are responsible for?
The People Experience team is responsible for the employee lifecycle and more! Starting with our Talent team who bring in new employees into the organization, then the People Experience Manager picks up to start their onboarding process. As the employee grows, we will focus on career development and retention initiatives. We also find ways to build connectedness across the organization by hosting events, celebrating each other, and building an international culture here at Torii.

You really get to support both employees and managers, in a lot of ways, on their path of success!

What brought you to Torii? How did it all start?
I was at a crossroad in my professional development and looking for my next step. I found out about Torii through an external Recruiter.

When I spoke to Uri Haramati, the CEO, we had an easy connection immediately. I was already impressed with his career, but after speaking with him further, he spoke with such passion about the organization and the future. He was genuinely curious about me and made me feel very seen, heard, and valued.

After speaking with Uri Nativ, CPO, I was really excited about the product and the market opportunity that this start-up was bringing to the table. The potential Torii has is undeniable, so that was an easy decision to make around the next product I wanted to back.

After learning more about the current environment and the vision for the future from Maayan Fridman, Head of People Experience, Israel, along with her driving passion, I just knew I had to be a part of this team on their scaling journey!

What do you think makes Torii unique?
As a Company, it's a place of really great humans, not co-workers, employees, managers....humans.

As a product, I think Torii is unique because the market space we are in is becoming more and more critical to manage, better. It really touches on important topics such as compliance, cash flow vs. usage, and just plainly leaning out a historically tedious process, managing all your tech stack applications individually vs managing them holistically.

What advice can you offer to someone looking to take on a role similar to yours?
A piece of advice I would give someone looking to work in People Experience, is to know yourself and what your personal core values are. It is very easy to carry a lot of emotional weight in a role that is dedicated to supporting other humans on their journey. So to be able to manage, process, prioritize your day to day workflow – you have to make sure you honor and take care of yourself.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup” is an everyday mantra.

You have to be the best version of yourself everyday to support and lead others, especially when others aren’t feeling like their best selves. To lead an authentic culture you have to be your authentic self.

How do you organize your day to stay productive?
During onboarding, Uri H. introduced me to the book Getting Things Done, by David Allen and it has really pushed me to focus on 1 system to collect all to-dos, ideas, projects, etc. It helps gain traction on the priorities while still focusing on projects you want to work on in the background.

Also, continually aligning on needs and priorities with my team, and company, is also critical to assure we are all rowing in the same direction.


3 things that people don't know about you

  1. I taught myself division, in 3rd grade, on spot while taking a 4th grade math exam to test my high level math skills.

  2. The only class I ever failed was swim lessons as a kid–I was too afraid to let go of the wall. I eventually taught myself to swim after accidentally drowning so many times.

  3. I played the flute growing up. I regret not keeping with it as I’ve gotten older.



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