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Spotlight with Mor Tzach Muchtar - Talent Acquisition Specialist

Torii’s Employee Spotlight is dedicated to showcasing our team members who are helping us build the best SaaS management company ever! Read on to learn more about our team, their day to day and life at Torii.

This month, we’re spotlighting Mor Tzach Muchtar, Talent Acquisition Specialaistr at Torii. Mor joined Torii in October 2021.

Thank you Mor for participating in our spotlight!

Mor, tell us a bit about your career path before Torii. What did you do? What critical moments got you to where you are today?

I always knew that I am a person who loves communicating with people.

As an officer during my army service, my favorite thing about the role was supporting the soldiers under my command.

During that time, I had already started reading and learning from psychology books.

Once completing my service, I immediately started my bachelor's degree in psychology. 

I worked at an Institute of Psychological Treatments during my undergraduate and graduate studies (I earned my master's degree in educational psychology). I started as a treatment consultant and later, as a manager, recruited psychologists for the institute. 

In my master's studies, I enjoyed the theoretical part, but I felt more satisfied with the diagnostic work than with the full range of the psychologist's role. I felt valued and happy in my workplace, so the decision was not easy, but after my maternity leave, I read a lot about recruitment and decided to pursue it. I started working for a Head Hunting company, where I learned the secrets of tech recruitment and fell in love with the profession. At the same time, as I was working with many clients, I lacked a sense of belonging, which is one of the reasons I chose to work at Torii: The sense of belonging and connection that Torii gives you.

What do you do at Torii?

I joined Torii in October 2021 as the first Talent Acquisition Specialist. My job involves learning new positions and working with recruiting managers to identify the right profile and streamline the recruitment process.

I source candidates through social media (LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, X-Ray, etc.) and accompany them throughout the recruitment process - from interviewing them to being their focal point at all stages.

My job includes thinking, analyzing, and improving the recruitment process. I consider the candidate type we are looking for, how to attract them (working on employer branding), and how to provide them with a positive candidate experience that matches the company's values and culture.

What are some things that you and your team are responsible for?

You know us from happy hour, and it is a significant part of us to make people happy. Still, the People team is also responsible for recruitment, employer branding, employee experience, welfare, training, employee development, and many other facets of human resources.

Our goal is to improve employee and candidate experience and create an enjoyable and productive work environment in the company.

What brought you to Torii? How did it all start?

I contacted Torii following an ad posted on LinkedIn.

From the very beginning, the way the recruitment process was managed, I knew it was a company I would be proud to be recruiting for.

Every step of the process was well organized and friendly. I was given a document called Cheat Sheet that describes the process I was about to go through, and the entire experience was respectful.

When I met Maayan Tavor Fridman (at the time - my future manager), I had a feeling I could only describe as "home" - a sense of a safe and warm, and I knew it was a place I would enjoy working in.

The conversations with the founders also impressed me greatly, and I felt that this was a place that matched my world of values. I reached the final stages with several companies, and what helped me choose Torii is the realization that I am coming as the first recruiter in a dynamic startup with the possibility of a real impact. It was indeed the best decision I could ever make. 

This is a tremendous advantage of Torii; we are at a point where everyone who joins each role is super significant and feels their impact significantly.

What do you think makes Torii unique?

The people,The people, The people. The culture here encourages transparency and talking equally, creating a positive atmosphere. All decisions are communicated and discussed in a very open and welcoming way.

Furthermore, on the one hand, people are enthusiastic about what they do, with real fire in their eyes, full of caring and true love for what they do. Yet, there are still a lot of personal conversations and laughter, as you can only find in startups. In other words, emphasizing professionalism does not come at the expense of interpersonal relationships or work-life balance. It's a rare balance I didn't think could exist in a startup.

What advice can you offer to someone looking to take on a similar role?

The world of recruitment is constantly changing. This fact leads to two important recommendations.

  • There is no one right way to get a recruiting position. You can start gaining experience in recruiting in non-high-tech companies, start in a placement company that provides services for high-tech companies, or you can find yourself without any relevant experience starting in a Bootcamp that one of the leading high-tech companies offers. 

       Everything is possible as long as there is motivation and self-belief.

  • This role requires constant learning. If you love learning, this is the job for you; New technologies, new roles, new recruitment approaches, constantly thinking about improving processes. My advice is to read, listen to podcasts, invest in courses and training, and never be afraid to ask questions. This is important to develop and learn.
 How do you organize your day to stay productiveֿ?

The work of recruiting is very diverse, so to accomplish all the tasks I have set for myself, I allocate a place in the calendar for everything; Time for sourcing, time for meetings, time for reading People Analytics content, time for interviews, time for routine tasks, time for lunch, everything is arranged in the calendar.

In addition, all tasks - from the smallest to the largest - are documented in the asana app regularly, which helps me manage the tasks.

3 things that people don't know about you
  1. Anyone who knows me claims that I do too many things simultaneously. There was a time when this was highly true: I Accompanied a kindergarten child with emotional difficulties and a girl with a phobia of cockroaches, worked in an Institute of Psychological Treatments, and volunteered as a social guide in a closed hospital ward, where I also volunteered as a research assistant, all while studying for my bachelor's degree.

  2. I have previously organized several national French Bulldog meet-ups - I am a true dog lover.

  3. I am a third-generation Holocaust survivor. My grandmother passed away, but she managed to tell me many of the difficult things she went through. I believe it is essential to pass on this knowledge.



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