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Mission is Possible: Juniors Squad

I bet you’ve all heard about the “Junior’s Paradox”. In short, it refers to inexperienced developers who are looking for their first job, while companies require some level of experience, thus disqualifying those candidates without giving them a chance. More than ever, it is difficult for junior developers to land their first job.

Companies must run fast, so they tend to look for experienced workers who will be able to push forward as quickly as possible, rather than having to “spend time” mentoring and guiding junior developers throughout this journey.

Watching the chaos from the side, I wondered what we could do to assist, other than recruiting more junior developers, obviously. (if you’re already here, check out our job board. We might have an open position for you 🙂 )

So I sat down with Elior and Ziv who had recently joined us as junior developers, to find out whether they could help by sharing their story along with some tips.

Tell about yourself

Both Elior and Ziv are recent graduates with a B.Sc in computer science.

Although Ziv comes from a family of computer scientists, he didn’t have any coding experience before starting university. He told me he had always preferred accurate science classes and in high school, he expanded into Chemistry and Biology studies.

Ziv served in a combat unit, and when it was time to decide what to do next, his family suggested CS studies.

He described how difficult it was at first, but eventually all the work paid off. To summarize his experience, he said: "University doesn’t teach all the programming languages, skills and subjects but teaches you how to step up to the challenge and try your best"

Elior, too, didn't have any experience before going to university. During his studies, he participated in the Formula Student Technion Driverless project, in which the team had to program an autonomous race car completely from scratch. Elior was part of the algorithms team and his task was to research and develop a reinforcement-learning algorithm on a simulator of his choice to train and test the performance of different algorithms.

I could see the passion in his eyes when he told me about the project and I was not surprised with the end of the story: "The project was fascinating. It included team and personal work. It was very challenging but also highly satisfying"

Tips for finding your first job

When it came to finding their first job, both emphasized the importance of being active on LinkedIn and building a network of connections to "spread the word".

Some tips that helped me in my quest for my first job: It is important first and foremost to be active on LinkedIn, always looking, searching for jobs, connecting with people, asking friends to tag you in posts about open positions, you get the idea. LinkedIn is an amazing tool for getting a job and being active on this network has many benefits. - Elior

Another tip was about writing a good CV and what a difference it makes when your CV tells a great story.

Your CV is your story, and we all love a good story, so make sure yours is great. There are many online tools that suggest improvements to your CV, and there are also many people that offer their services as CV writers. I could tell the difference between a good CV and a bad CV by the amount of calls I got from recruiters. If you are not getting enough calls - get back to your CV and improve it! - Elior

Last but not least - practice, practice, practice.

Not only will it increase your chances of excelling in interviews, it will also boost your confidence.

Today there are many websites where you can practice programming and solve interview questions.

Wrap up

Landing your first job is difficult, often frustrating, and can take a long while. But as a wise man once told me: “we’ve all been there once, and look where we are now”.

So never give up, do what it takes to stand out, be active and build a network of connections and you’ll get your chance.

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